The question of To Blog Vs. Not is considerable in my mind; I have many thoughts which pass through my mind, and yet I feel like my young mind has not yet any precious ‘jewels’ of insight to share. I am a child in all: a child in thought, a child in knowledge, and a child in philosophy; this is especially notable when I read any of the great thinkers that have crossed this earth. My contributions, thoughts and ideas will be paltry in comparison to those of any great authors. And yet I have lived; I have counted 39 summers, I have married, I have borne and raised children, and I have planted a small garden that bears fruit. I have traveled a piece of this earth, I have observed a piece of humanity and I have experienced a piece of this life. So while my thoughts may not be great, they are growing, exploring, learning and hopefully progressing. I am searching for truth, meaning and personal growth, and most of my blog’s content will likely be thoughts I admire and am learning from, along with a few of my own reflections on the thoughts of greater men and women. My hope is that someone else on a similar journey as I will find this collection of thoughts interesting, and will perhaps smile, be inspired, pause to reflect or take one for the road.

Cheers to all travelers… May your journey be beautiful, meaningful and successful.



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