“Orual,” she said, “you make me think I have learned the Fox’s lessons better than you.

Have you forgotten what we are to say to ourselves every morning? ‘Today I shall meet cruel men, cowards and liars, the envious and the drunken. They will be like that because they do not know what is good from what is bad. This is an evil which has fallen upon them not upon me. They are to be pitied, not – ‘.” She was speaking with a loving mimicry of the Fox’s voice; she could do this as well as Batta did it badly.

“Oh child, how can – ” but I was choked again. All she was saying seemed to me so light, so far away from our sorrow. I felt we ought not to be talking that way, not now. What I thought it would be better to talk of, I did not know.

–Till We Have Faces, Lewis


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