On the idea that both good and evil must exist in our world to bring a balance in the world…
I do agree that sometimes balance is needed. However, I think that life is not simplistic in that the same rules always apply across the board to everything, and I think it is easy to misapply rules from one field to another. Chesterton says that a great way to discover the truth about a subject is to ask yourself what the proper state or condition of a thing is, and this easily helps you discover what its true nature and design is, and therefore what is the ‘truth’ of that thing. A man having two limbs (and therefore ‘balance’) is the proper state for a man, and that does actually facilitate him to be able to move, climb and work at his best. And a person can operate with only one arm, but it would be best for him to have two; in other words, having two arms is how he was meant to be. On the other hand, no one in their right mind would ever say that a certain amount of sickness, blindness, or weakness in a man is necessary so that he can achieve his perfect ‘balance’; the proper condition of the human body is to be healthy, not half well and half sick.
Another great way to test an idea is to take that idea and apply it to another field or area, because often times truth will apply to several fields. I have found a great place to test ideas is on my ideals and expectations for my kids, as it is easier to see defects in others than it is in ourselves. Also, as parents, we often have a natural desire to help them grow and achieve their best state. My other favorite testing ground is the world of business, where there is an expectation of not only progress but also output and productivity. IMHO, the proper and healthy condition of a man’s soul is to be good (if you don’t like that word, simply use one that works for you). I would not be happy or feel my kids had achieved ‘balance’ if they were disposed to kill animals or each other half the time, and to be kind and nurturing the other half. I would not be happy if my husband was kind to me one week, and violent another. Taking this thought into the field of business, a company would not be happy if its personnel showed up one day, and not another, or was productive one month, and not the next. These examples clearly demonstrate that some behaviors are not needed to achieve ‘balance’, but rather their presence causes imbalance, because they are ‘away’ or contrary to the ideal we commonly hold of what human beings ought to behave like.
– Watergirl

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