True men and women are superheroes; they are princes, warriors and titans, and their labor of love is never ending. I don’t think we can ever give a mother or father all the gratitude and praise they deserve; I think if we could see all the sleepless nights, the countless hours, the tears and endless labors of one single parent, the standing ovation and honor flowing from the hearts of their fellow men would never cease. I am always struck by the thought of all the men and women that surround us, laboring quietly, steadily and patiently without much note or appreciation in the great fields of this earth. And, amazingly, they get up and do it all over again the next day, and the next.

And so if I ever see someone going about their business patiently, standing strong where they might reasonably have faltered, pushing through where they might have given up, or keep alive in their hearts the hope of a better day when all around seems dark, I pray I will not hold back what little praise I can give. It may not be worth much coming from simple human lips as mine, but it is the voice of one who works beside you, sees your work, and knows that you labor not in vain. And I imagine what small honor this heart can give, will one day be joined by millions of others who will one day know the good you have done, and what a great and beautiful thing it really was.

But until then, may you continue to find the strength to get through the darkest of days, may you find the answers to the questions you face, and may your step not falter as you follow what you know to be true. And as you rise up to do what your heart tells you is right, may angels come to your aid, whispering words of guidance, comfort, and cheer. And may the star of hope shine ever bright in your heart, and always leading you home, whispering meanwhile, “Courage, Dear heart 1 – all things will come to right.”




1 “Courage, Dear heart,” from C.S. Lewis’ The Voyage of the Dawn Treader


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