When we say no to a “Higher Being”/creator (who is outside and other than ourselves), by default we choose “ourselves” as ruler; however, it is interesting to note that we do not end up ultimately keeping this power and thereby actually “ruling” ourselves. What actually happens is that our “power” is inevitably given up to our baser instincts which degrade us to less than we were before, when we were under the rule of a “higher power.” This “power” or will of ours, when taken out from the obedience to God and his rules and put into our own hands does not long remain in “our” hands.

Christianity says that it seeks to raise man to be a son of God, but we must submit our will to another in order to get the training and achieve the end result. The religion of self induces us to think if we keep our own will we “shall be as gods.” The simple truth is that man on his own can never be a god, without the help of one who IS, and can show him the way. Just like a child who cannot be an expert in algebra, a nuclear physicist, a machinist, a pilot, a neurosurgeon, and all the other sciences that have been developed, without someone to teach him. He may stumble upon a brilliant discovery, but generally he has to know a few things in order to string the ideas together. He has been given a hand up by the vast mass of men who have shared their experience of the world, and he is then said to be standing on the shoulders of giants.


~ Watergirl


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