On my mind – Jack, Planet Narnia (Sol), and poetry. (Thank you, Mr. Ward for sharing Jack)

A Pageant Played in Vain 


Watching the thought that moves

Within my conscient brain,

I learn how often that appearance proves

A pageant played in vain


Holding what seems the helm,

I make a show to steer,

But winds, for worse and better, overwhelm

My purpose, and I veer


Thus, if thy guidance reach

Only my head, then all

Hardest attempt of mine serves but to teach

How oddly the dice fall


To limbs, and loins, and heart,

Search with thy chemic beam,

Strike where the self I know lives apart,

Beneath the surface dream


Break, Sun, my crusted earth

Pierce, razor-edged, within,

Where blind, immortal metals have their birth,

And crystals clear begin


Thy spirit in secret flows

About our lives, in gloom,

The mother helping not nor hindering, grows

The child within the womb


~ CS Lewis


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